About Badvel Municipality

Hon'ble Commissioner& Director of Municipal Administration Government AP
Vijay Kumar

Badvel Municipality was constituted as 3rd grade Municipality on 15 may 2006 by merging four Gram Panchayats viz., Badvel, Madakalavaripalli, Gunthapalli and Chennampalli. It is spread over an area of 51.00Sq.km with 26 election wards having a population of 70949 as per 2011 census and is located at a distance of 55km from Kadapa.
Badvel is having a population of 50720 as per 2001 Census and the population of this municipality increased to 70949 as per 2011 census which recorded approx 5.725% compounded growth. Out of the total population 50.32% are males and 49.68% are females. About 53.90% are literate. The total SC and ST population are 8503 and 813 respectively.
Total number of households as per provisional 2011 census is 14216, the number of slum households is 9471 and the slum population is 46907.
It is submitted the municipality main revenue source Property tax, VLT , water tax , D& O Trades , construction of Building , Advertisement tax & Market s
Total property Tax assessments - 22819 Demand per year - 236.62 Lakhs
Total Vacant Land Tax assessments - 79 Demand per year - 3.62 Lakhs
Total Water tap Connections - 5797 Demand per year - 104.82 Lakhs
D & O Trades - 1541 Demand per year - 13.97 Lakhs
Advertisement tax - 116 Demand per year - 1.28 Lakhs
Building fees - - 12.00 Lakhs

It is to submitted that in this municipality total 26 Election wards total households 24224 , total PH workers - 56 Drivers-12, Mastery’s-4 , Total Major Drains length – 8.00 K.M Mainer drains- 18 K.M. and side Drains-26 K.M . per day Garbage collection -21 MT
Implementation of 279 G.O. :
As per the instructions of the government issued in GO MS No: 279 dated 31/12/2015 for work outsourcing accordingly survey Micro packets and commercial zones are in completed, total 53 Micro Packers outsourcing Micro packets 52 reaming 3 micro packets ULB. Council approved.
The water supply to the Badvel town at present is fully dependent on ground water, the water being supplied to the town about 4.40MLD @ 57lpcd. Badvel falls in the critical zone, having a percentage stage of development of groundwater in the range of 90 – 100 %. A study of the depth of water level below ground level from May 1997 to April 2010 showed that the variation of ground water table in Badvel municipality is in between 5 – 30 m.
The Government have sanctioned water supply improvement scheme as SPVBR as source to BadvelMunicipality under APMDP for Rs. 110 cores vide G.O.Rt. No.703/MA&UD (UBS) Dept, Date: 19.05.2012 and work was awarded to M/S Indian hume pipes Ltd., Major components of the scheme have been completed about 95% and remaining work is under progress.
 The source of the scheme is Braham sagarResorvoir.
 Construction of intake wells,Water treatment plant, Clear water sump at Braham sagarresorvoir has been completed and trail running is in progress.
 500mm DIK7 Gravity Main from water treatment plant to Badvel and Distribution Pipelines in municipality are completed about 90%.
 And also 7 ELSRS of Different capacities in town in Different localities under finishing stage.
 Total amount released till date is Rs 74.20 crores and expenditure incurred is Rs.61.69 crores.
 Financial progress about this project is about 82%.
 Over all physical progress of the scheme is 93%.
 The scheme is under trail run.

The town has a length of 105 Kms road network which includes CC/ BT/ WBM/ katcha roads.The drainage of the town is implemented by surface drains which ultimately discharge to nearby low lying areas and water bodies such as kunta at seemonk hospital, bakarapetacheruvu and chennampallicheruvu, there are about 26 km long Pucca Surface and 120 km long Kutcha Surface drains. Sullage drains and storm water drains will be proposed to construct in under 13th finance commission.
Rain water Harvesting structures taken up :
 23 Nos. of Water Harvesting structures are taken up in Municipal Properties like
• In Reservoir Compounds
• In the Municipal Schools
• In Municipal Open Spaces
Construction of IHHT’s:
 No of IHHT’s sanctioned : 1124
 No of IHHT’s geotaggedCompleted : 813
 No of IHHT’s under progress : 184
 No of IHHT’s yet to be Geounded : 127
13th Finance Commission Grant:

 For 2013-14 financial year Rs.121.91 lakhs has been allotted for this 14 works completed.
 For the year 2014-15 an amount of Rs.139.05 lakhs has been released for 14 works is completed
14th Finance Commission Grant:

The Government of Andhra Pradesh in its G.O.Rt. No. 56 MA & UD Department dated 09.03.2016 pleased to issue orders to recommending release of grants under 14th Finance Commission Grant. The Detailed Statement for the 5 year plan with financial assistants under 14th Finance Commission has been prepared for Rs. 1702.73 lakhs with prioritized sectors of: (1) Water Supply, (2)
Sanitation including Septage Management. (3) SewerageManagement (4) Storm Water Drainage.

Annual Development plans for the year 2015-16 and 2016-17 prepared and submitted to the Director of Municipal Administration, A.P Hyderabad was given administrative sanction vide Proceeding Roc. No. 5946/2016-B4-73, Dated: 27.06.2016
Amount Sanctioned:
 For year 2015-16 : 188.19 lakhs
 Total no of works : 39
 No.of works completed : 30
 Expenditure incurred : 105.00 lakhs

 For year 2016-17 : 278.89 lakhs
 Total no of works : 49
 No.of works completed : 12
 Expenditure incurred : 62.00 lakhs

 For year 2016-17 Performance Grant : 76.40 lakhs
 Total no of works :

 For year 2017-18 Basic Grant : 298.30 lakhs
 Total no of works :

It is to submitted that 2016-17 performance Grant & 2017-18 Basic Grants workers are approved council 31.07.2018, present preparation on Annual Development plans for submit to Director of Municipal Administration with in week.
SC SP sub-plan:
The following SC Sub Plan has been sanctioned to the Badvel municipality for taking up CC Roads & Drain works and the details of works as follows: Goms

 Total amount Released during 2016-17 & 2017-18 : 545.78 Lakhs
 Total no of works : 68
 No.of works completed : 44
 Expenditure incurred : 354.48 lakhs
 Total amount Released during 2018-19 : 5488.61 Lakhs
 Total no of works : 543
 No.of works completed : -(Estimate are under progress)
 Expenditure incurred : -
State Finance Commission Grant:
The Government has sanctioned Rs.199.64 lakhs for the year 2013-14. Among this Rs.110.00 lakhs has been transferred to APMDP i.e., Water supply improvement scheme as ulb share and Rs.40.00 lakhs has been paid for CC Charges.
For remaining amount of Rs.49.64 lakhs devolpmental activities such as Drains, culverts and water supply related works are completed and vide proceeding Roc. No. Work orders issued for all works and works are in progress.

The Commissioner Director Municipal Administration Department has sanctioned Rs.100.00 lakhs for the year 2017-18. In Rs.100.00 lakhs 50% amount to paid to consistence for CIIP ADPR approval purpose and remaining amount proposed to 34 works, 30 works completed 4 works is under progress

The Commissioner Director Municipal Administration Department has sanctioned Rs.300.00 lakhs for the year 2018-19. Under Low Hanging Fruts works only works finalization under progress

Plan and Non plan grant:
The Government has sanctioned Plan Grant for 100.00 Lakhs for 1st Quarter vide Memo Roc.No.8800/2011/B3 Dt:10.01.2012 and Rs.11.11lakhs for 2nd Quarter vide Memo Roc no:10414/2012/B3 dated 20.07.2012 and Rs.70.00lakhs vide Roc No: 13742/2013/B2-11 Dated:03-12-2013 and Rs.24.61 lakhs Memo Roc No:8045/2013/B3 dated:28.02.2014 and under non plan grant Rs.33.14 Lakhs for Ist Quarter vide Memo Roc.No.8851/2013/B3 Dt:19.10.2013 and Rs.34.41 lakhs for 2nd Quarter vide Roc No:10404/2012/B3 Dated:25.10.2013. Among this amount Rs.114.69 Lakhs had already spent till date for developmental activities such as CC roads and CC drains in this municipality.

For Remaining Rs.88.58 lakhs there are 15 civil Works like CC Roads and Drains are proposed among them 12 works are completed 12 works, 3 works orders issued and works are in progress.
For the year 2014-15 Rs.35.87 lakhs has been sanctioned for this for 15 civil works Out of which 10 works such as drains and culverts are completed. Remaining works are in progress.
For the year 2015-16 Rs.23.18 lakhs has been sanctioned for this for 13 civil works Out of which 11 works such as drains and culverts are completed. Remaining 2 works are in progress.
ASC Grant:
The Government has sanctioned for Rs.61.00 Lakhs from 2015-2016. For this amount 7 works are proposed. 5 works are completed and remaining 2 works like drilling of bore wells pipe line extensios work order issued and works are in progress.

Proposals for transportation of water in unserved areas of Badvel Municipality under ASC grant for year 2016-17 have been sent to Government. Amount yet to be sanctioned.

The Government has sanctioned for Rs.25.00 Lakhs from 2016-2017. For this amount 7 works are proposed. 6 works are completed and remaining 1 works bore wells pipe work order issued and works are in progress.

Proposals for transportation of water in unserved areas of Badvel Municipality under ASC grant for year 2017-18 have been sent to Government. Amount yet to be sanctioned

Maintenance of Internal Roads:
For the year 2014-15 Rs.48.56 lakhs has been sanctioned. From this for 5 civil works are ptoposed for Rs.16.00 lakhs. For remaining balance council will have to propose civil wprks.

BRGF(Back ward Region development Grant Fund):

The Government have released an amount of Rs.227.625 Lakhs under BRGF during the last 5 years i.e 2008-09 to 2012-13. The development activities proposed under this grant are 86 Road & drain works and 72 Road & Drain works have been completed and the work orders were issued to take up balance 14 road work. An amount of Rs.110.69 Lakhs has been utilized so far.
For the year 2013-2014 an amount of Rs.67.19 lakhs has been released by the Government. For this 9 civil works were proposed to be taken up in the municipality and for this work orders are issued and work under progress.
 Total amount Released during 2013-14 : 67.19 Lakhs
 Total no of works : 9
 No.of works completed : 2
 Expenditure incurred : 7 call for tenders

It is to submitted that in 26 election ward exiting electrical pole – 4200 No’s EESL was completed asper the agreement lights of LED Total No’s 3656 for the year of 2014, filed staff of Assistant Engineer and Deputy Executive Engineer as conducted a survey on January-2018 in Municipal limits There is requirement of additional 1500 no’s lights and 65 No’s CCMS boxes for newly extent areas


Total SHGs – 1114
Total SLFs - 42
Total TLS - 1
Total SHG Members - 13263
Bank Linkages - 11SHGs – 45.00 Lakhs


AABY Members enrolled Members - 3033
Scholarships Enrolled Students - 563
NTR Abhayahastham Enrolled Members - 1633
NTR Abhayahastham Enrolled Students - 326